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You're somewhat curious...

So here's a little bit about myself:
I'm 26 years old, have long hair, wear glasses, and study physics. I surf the web, (if I have some time to spare) when I'm not working for my studies or don't have something else to do. Further I'm interested in computers and their possible uses, all driven by insatiable curiosity, to see what's behind all this. (That's also a reason why the physics don't get neglected ;-)).
If anyone wants to have a look at me, feel free to contact me via e-mail or simply watch out at one of Bremen's techno events ;-)
This Shot shows me as I'm about to turn up the heat on a Cosmic Lounge event Sometimes you might find me at the decks (not at the big events, I'm no professional DJ) like when some friends and I decide to create our own parties, like the "Kontraproduktiv" project, where I did most of the Drum'n'Bass part.
There is even a pic of me, though dark and blurred, showing me at the decks at a party, or klick on the right to see a much more recent pic, in much better quality. Speaking of Drum'n'Bass - which is one of my favourite music styles - there is a internet radio show at which pretty much broadcasts what I like to hear ;-)
One more thing, if you allow: Since some governments turn more and more into 1984-mode I chose to start using PGP, and here's my "Public Key".
Lastly, being interested in computer stuff I have a "Geek-Code-Block":

Version 3.12

GS/CS/O d-(+) s:- a-- C++>++++ ULA++>++++ P+ L+(++)>+++ E---
W++ N+ !o !K w O- !M !V PS(+) PE Y+ PGP-(++) t+ 5++>++++ X
R !tv b+(+++) DI+ D++ G e++>+++++ h+() r% !y+ UF++ 
Here a little info about Geek Code "Geek Code"
and a Link to a decoder:"ungeek"

Awkward to read? Well, but a lot better than the Babelfish translation.

Contact me: Deelkar Public PGP Key