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And now the most bovine stuff ever (except for the milk&meat providing animals themselves) ;-))

Distributed Computing

I donate my otherwise wasted CPU-cycles to this project. The client can be setup to run completely transparent to the user, in the background, but still taking control of every dropped cycle the other applications won't use. So you get something out of the spare time of your CPU, and that's not just for participating in some big machinery no one overlooks, but for the chance of CASH, is giving 2000 US$ to the person who sends in the winning workunit. is offering exhaustive personal statistics, but I try to get all my friends' statistics together on one central location.

But sometimes I use all my CPU's cycles up to generate (beautiful I think) landscapes by raytracing You may have a look, my pictures are in my stuff-directory on this server (together with the statspage, btw).

If you are looking for my link-collection, it's still here, on my old Homepage.

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