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These are fotographs of a session of three buddies and myself, to produce some fan-"art" for the anime series "Lain"...

Lain 604429 bytes Lain 595490 bytes Lain 559296 bytes Lain 564794 bytes
Lain 503844 bytes Lain 510882 bytes Lain 505294 bytes
Amazing how much computer hardware was brought here with so little effort ;-)

If you wonder about the amount of images for only 3 motives, the reason is simple: 3 pictures would not have been enough to call this a gallery (and it would have looked a little bit empty) and additionally I simply couldn't decide which ones to take and which to drop.

Thanks go to:

  • Denis S. for the location, the best part of the CRTs and his computers
  • JPA for his digicam and notebook
  • my brother for his notebook

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