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This page contains some pictures I did in "Terragen"
Please note: these are all computer generated graphics, none of the sceneries exist in the real world.

Video: Island-Tour 2716k DivX 5.02
Small rendered film, created with CamPath and TerraGen. 2,7 MBytes DivX 5.02

Mountains 1024x768 145k Skybox-360° Panorama 2048x512 115k
This island terrain was used for the Skybox.

Mountains 1024x768 145k
Some Mountains.

vale 1024x768 124k vale 1024x768 135k vale 1024x768 103k
A vale.

Desert Mountains 1024x768 118k
Some desert mountains, I am not too satisfied with the result, so there is currently only one image of this kind.

MIslands 648x480 31k MIslands 648x480 30k MIslands 648x480 31k MIslands 648x480 34k MIslands 1024x768 83k

Islands 640x480 72k Islands 640x480 63k
And still more islands, this time from bird's eye view.

Mountain 640x480 52k Mountain 1024x768 129k Mountain 1024x768 172k Mountain 1024x768 115k Mountain 640x480 58k
Finally some more mountains. ;-)

A ZipFile 150k Skybox made from the terrain shown further to the top of the page.

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